How this works

Every client, every home, every job is different, and I like it that way. You tell me what will help you the most. You tell me what troubles you most about your home. You tell me what you would like to see. I will help you get there. Some projects require your presence, and some do not. Some projects require just a three hour session while others require many sessions. The depth, detail, and amount of time involved is entirely up to you.

I schedule three hour blocks of time. Organizing can be emotionally and physically stressful for you, the client. Three hours is long enough to really dig in and get something accomplished but not so long that you and I are exhausted.

To get started, send me an email or call and tell me a little about what you need, and let me know when would be a good day to tackle this project! 

Contact Abby Green by email or call 512-905-2783