My CRAZY Silver City Home

I love homes. I love remodeling, renovating, and creating useable comforting space out of unique buildings. My partner and I chose to purchase a building that has been used as office space for over 45 years. The original 1920’s adobe home was covered in the 1970’s by a massive facade when rooms were added to double the building’s size. The facade is so large, you can crawl under it and see the old original windows. We intend to remove the facade and restore the 2 exterior walls of the 1920’s house. We plan to create a flow to the building that will marry the 1970’s addition to the 1920’s home in a way that is inviting and allows for entertaining. We have such a huge project in front of us that we are going to work in phases. Phase one involves creating a masterbedroom suite. The home does not currently have a shower. Phase one will give us that as well as some back doors to get to our backyard. 

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