Paper does not last forever.  I've known of people who stored paperwork and books only to return a year later to bug and rat eaten pages, water damage, and someone even told me they had a box of books literally turn to dust.  Here are a few ideas and services that I offer.  I can perform these services in person at my hourly rate (see Pricing) or you can ship or bring them to me and I can scan your items in my office.

* Scan documents that you have to keep but don't plan to actually need or use (like IRS tax documents).

* Scan files that you may wish to revisit, but don't need the bulk of paper.

* Scan files to create a usable sharable library. (Music or learning handouts are a good example)

* Scan photographs.  Old photographs will continue to disintegrate.  Preserve them before it's too late.

* Scan slides and negatives before they are faded and scratched.

* Create Excel spreadsheets to organize numbers or the usable library you scanned above.

* There are sharable documents online that can allow multiple users access to spreadsheets like Excel.

* Save the documents and photos to discs or hard drives.

* Archive things to an FTP server for safe keeping.

* Share files by designing a website that makes the files accessible.

* Finally, recycle all of that paper!!!

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