What I do

Spring-clean-out. I have a list of local charities who can use your extra unneeded things. Together, we can clear the clutter and make space breathable and useable in a way that better suits you.

Just organize it. You can set me loose in a disaster area. Without throwing away or getting rid of anything, I can sort, divide and conquer the mess. Space miraculously appears, and you can now see what you have. You and I can work together, or I can simply dig in all by myself and take the stress off your hands.

Scan photos and documents. In my office, I can scan and save your photos as jpgs and/or pdfs. The discs or thumbdrives that replace those boxes are so much smaller and more sharable!

Periodic checkup. As often as you like, once I know your home, I can do a full house tidy-up. Unlike the cleaner, I will put things in their proper homes rather than stuffing everything into the nearest drawer. Some people find this very helpful the day before their scheduled cleaning day, or the day after laundry day, or after a huge craft project. This doesn’t need to be a perfectly regularly scheduled monthly event - once I know your home and your needs, you can simply call me as needed.

Pack for a move. Packing for a move often means decluttering as we pack - why move things to a new home that you don’t really want? On the other hand, moving is stressful - you can have me fill boxes while you get some rest. 

Unpack after a move. Unpacking is like Christmas for me! We can do this together if you know just where you like your things to be. Or set me free amongst the boxes while you go have a drink or five. You will come home to a well-organized relaxing home.

Other. If it involves organizing or a project that you just can’t get moving, I will likely be ready to help. Some small businesses don’t quite need a part time employee, but could use someone to do a particular task like keep up with expense reports. I excel at the tedious, detail oriented, mundane tasks that some people find overwhelming or mind-numbing. I don’t judge; I’m here to HELP!

Contact Abby Green by email or call 512-905-2783